Why Primary Sources?

A Who’s Who of Early American History


Do you know how many men  signed the Declaration of Independence?  Do you know their names and who they represented? Were these the only men who affected and influenced the creation, design and delivery of the Declaration of Independence?  Do you know what they felt, meaning their passions and desires in their pursuit for freedom?  Do you know what they had to say and how they viewed their lives as a part of this freedom process?  Do you know how many were married, and how equally important this process of freedom was to their wives and families?  Do you know and understand the sacrifices they made for freedom?  Theirs were choices and sacrifices which none of them took lightly.

These were REAL men with AMAZING wives and families.  They were so much more than the signatures that appeared on the birth certificate of the United States called “The Declaration of Independence“.  They were known as the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; and to them was granted the honorable address of “The Founding Fathers” of these United States of America.

In the American History Vault you will find information and studies in regard to these incredible men, their wives and families.  But for now, look and see who they were, beginning here with their signatures, and later we will make the discoveries of who they were, what they did, what they believed, and why their commitment in words and deed to their God, their family, friends, neighbors and nation made a difference.

Signatures of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence