About Me

I have almost 30 years of experience in research as a paralegal in the genres of property title, property boundary lines, riparian rights, genealogies, colonial histories, patent and grant research, slave trade, etc.

History is as fascinating to me as the Law; it is multifaceted, set in time, and ever growing.  There is always something to learn, to know, to discover. In both the pursuit of the Law and this study of History, there are parallel practices and skills which need and must be acquired and applied. The starting point is the need and desire to know the Truth, which comes through researching, comparing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from evidence.

In the Study of American History there is a vast ocean of evidence; evidence that can stand firm, because of the great witnesses of past men and women who left to us a treasure of evidence in their letters, journals, diaries, writings, pictures, legal documents, and books.

From our beginnings as a nation, we have had gatekeepers to preserve the keeping and the knowing of our History, such as the generational families, historians, museums, libraries, and government organizations like the Library of Congress.

I also have a BS in Bible and Music which introduced my mind to the importance of the Truth, of the importance of principles needed to properly and correctly interpret the contexts in which Truth is contained, and of critical thinking.

I was introduced to the wonderful freedom we have to homeschool our children through my family. It has been through their personal sacrifices and determination that I’ve have seen excellence in their children’s life pursuits. It is with my youngest sister that I have come to understand homeschooling is hard work. Knowing this, it has made me want to jump and help.

And so it is because of my love for God and His Word, the family, the church, America, History, and Law that I have decided to create supplemental learning materials to aid in the discovery and learning of American History through the lives of individuals in American history by means of primary and historical secondary sources. The result is the beginning of the American History Vault; a place where we will treasure and hope to always make the Truth evident.

Please note:  AmericanHistoryVault.com is only in its beginning stages. There is so much to know and learn. Our beginning focus will be on the Founding Fathers, and how these men and their amazing wives, by God’s grace, made the United States of America more than an American experiment but a reality.

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