A “Biblical Worldview”

What is a “worldview”, and what does it mean?  What is a “biblical worldview”?  Do you have a “worldview”?

Everyone has a worldview.

A “worldview” is a basic set of convictions, or a system of beliefs, a person has about God, the world, history, life, death, and all other kinds of things which make-up what one believes to be true.  And a “Biblical Worldview” is one based upon the words and truth of the Holy Word of God, The Bible.

Your “worldview” not only affects what you believe, but it will continue to influence what you will choose to accept to believe. Understanding this helps to explain why it is important to consciously be aware of what your “worldview” is.  Do you know what you believe about life and the world?  See if you can answer this question:  Is it wrong to steal someone’s car?  Why?

Your answer to this question is based on what you believe about stealing, which could be, for example…”it’s cool to see how much and how far you can go in taking what belongs to someone else,” OR…”it’s wrong to take from someone what they have worked hard to acquire.”  Your “worldview” is a foundational part of who you are as your answer to this question reveals.

So a “worldview” is what you believe, which further affects what you will believe.  These beliefs become presuppositions or assumptions and opinions which are based on what you believe.  The result is a worldview which can not only affect what you believe, but how you believe.  At this point you will notice it influences the way you think and what you ultimately will do.  It will determine how you interpret and evaluate an event; affect the way you feel; make your thoughts a reality by what you do.

For example, take two people who have just watched a televised political speech, who when asked their opinion on the speech, one will excitedly say, “It was a wonderful speech, and I’ll tell you why”; while the other with equal excitement might say, “That speech was a bunch of empty words, and I’ll tell you why.”  Here are two different views of the same event, each opinion resulting from a different viewpoint that comes from their personal beliefs and presuppositions. These two people each approached the speech from the perspective of their presuppositions, their beliefs, and their “worldview.

It is through this worldview or belief system that you interpret the world, and through this belief system that you make judgments and come to conclusions about everything that enters your life.  Once you are aware of this, you are better able to understand the fact that everyone has a worldview, and that their worldview may be different from your own.

Once you understand that everyone has a worldview, you can take it a step further from what their worldview is, to how they believe and what they believe. From where did their foundational belief system come?  Knowing, from where a belief system comes, will answer the questions of the how and why of a belief system.  And once you understanding how they came about their worldview, it will help you to understand how another person can come up with an opinion so different from you own.

OK, so this can get involved and kind of complicated, but can you see why it is so important to know what your worldview is or what you believe?  That’s great, but does it make any difference?  Yes, it does….BIG TIME!  The Bible says, “As a man thinks, so he his” (Proverbs 4:23).  What we think, what we believe, affects our attitudes and what we do.  It is your worldview that will be your guide in directing your views, your choices, and your decisions.  And when you understand that what you believe will affect how you put your beliefs into action, it will make a difference.  In this you have a personal responsibility before God and your fellowman, as to how you will manifest or how you will allow your worldview to broadcast into the world in which you live.

Here’s an incredible thing, there were men and women who lived before you whose worldview you are living in, right now.

Their worldview literally affected the whole world.  These men, supported by their wives, families and friends, ventured into a realm foreign to the world at that time. So much so, that this venture became known as “the American Experiment”.  What they believed, what they said, and what they did was being watched by the whole world. We fondly refer to these men as the “Founding Fathers of America”. You will find each of the Founders knew what they believed, and they knew what they believed would have an effect on the world.

These men were from various Christian, economic, and cultural backgrounds.  Their families had come from all over the world to live together in this place called “America”.  This had never been done before.  So many socially different people coming together as one. Yes, some came for wealth and commerce, but the majority came with the desire to freely worship and live for the God of the Bible, without government’s  limits and intrusions, without royalty telling them if, how, when, and where they could worship God and how they could and should live out their faith.

Growing out of this heartfelt desire for freedom was a people with one heart. They loved their towns, their communities, and their people.  This love grew outward from their small towns to encompass their colony.  And then as they ventured outside of their colonies, they found there was a multitude, a majority of people within other colonies who were of the same mind; who had a heart for freedom, who believed God was the Giver of their rights, and who believed justice could prevail.  These like-minded men and women’s worldview inspired them to pursue this freedom for all within their colonies.  So quickly did this worldview spread, that those 13 colonies became 13 states; and those 13 states joined together to become United States; and those United States bonded together to become a nation…the United States of America.

The American History Vault considers a study of these men and women to be a worthy pursuit in the development of a good and healthy “worldview” which can make a difference for good.  You will find as you read and study each of the “Founders”, they were real people, just like you, just like your family, and just like your friends.  They lived, and they lived within their worldviews and beliefs. Looking into their individual lives is a important quest.  Looking to see if what they believed made a difference.  As you discover their worldview, create a notebook or journal where you can put your thoughts about your findings as to their beliefs and worldview.  This notebook can be a work in progress where you continually add your new findings about each “Founder”.  In your notebook make a page and title it “(Founder’s Name)’s Worldview”   (For example, “John Adams’ Worldview”) Then you can note the answer to such questions as:

    1. What was his viewpoint on England’s control and demands on them?
    2. What was his viewpoint on independence and freedom?
    3. How did his worldview make a difference in his time?
    4. What did he do to help this process to independence and freedom?
    5. What made him different from other men of his time?

Because of their many writings, we can discover on a deeper level who these men and women were.

The American History Vault will present studies into the Founders of the United States of America. These studies will approach who they were through their words and action, through the words of their contemporaries, and through an analysis and study by those who had a secondary direct link to their writings, their families, their friends, etc.

These heroes and heroines of American History had a belief system which was based upon biblical principles. This was a cultural reality in America during their life and times, of which we can find evidence in their learning institutions, their writings and their records of the events of their time.  Today, this worldview has become known as a “biblical worldview”. Yes, there is evidence of the existence of other worldviews at that time, but the predominant, ruling worldview in America at large during the founding of America was a “biblical worldview”.

This worldview established America as a strong growing nation. A nation whose existence, birthed by God and matured by His Word from its earliest beginning, had an impact on the world at large. Interesting to note, the Bible explains why this was possible: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 34:12a, NKJV), and “righteousness exalts a nation, the sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34, NKJV).

The “Founders” were astute pupils of the Old Testament and New Testament. They knew their foundation for success was none other than God Almighty. You will find and see evidence of this over and over again in their writings.  Not only was this “biblical worldview” of foundational importance during their time, but it is of equal importance in our time.


“If you start with the Truth, you’ve got somewhere to go; if you don’t, you’re going to be in limbo!”  — Dr. David Jeremiah

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