What is Truth and Why is Truth important?


Abigail Adams “Amazing Abigail”

Truth is eternal.  Its importance can never be overstated or understated.  There is much debate and conversation has to what Truth is, who has the right to define Truth, whose definition is correct, and what difference, if any, Truth makes or contends in the life of an individual and a people.  But all of this is unnecessary and wasted time and energy, if the matter of Truth is perceived outside the origin and beginnings of Truth.

Benjamin Franklin "Fathomless Franklin"

Truth is Truth!  The creator and author of Truth is GodWithout God, the word Truth, its meaning and concept, would not exist; so to tamper with, or to make any attempt to define and conceptualize Truth outside of the Creator and Author’s meaning and design, would be empty, foolish and arrogant.  Even more arrogant is the process of redefining the meaning of the word Truth, in order to suite the time or the situation in which one may find their self; thereby making Truth relative to the situation or person.  Not so; Truth can only be rightly defined by One, the Creator and Author, God.  When Jesus, the Son of God, came to live among men, He declared Himself to be Truth, thereby further revealing to mankind God’s definition of Truth,   Jesus Christ was the ultimate definition of the reality of Truth, living and speaking only what the Father God would have Him do and speak.

Emma Willard     “Edgy Emma”

So, why is this clarification as to the meaning of Truth so important?  The meaning and the understanding of Truth affects the whole of a life, the whole of a community’s life, the whole of a nation’s life, for embedded in its meaning is the knowing and the knowledge of Right and Wrong.  Without knowing and understanding Truth’s definition of Right and Wrong, there would be mass confusion, destruction, and disaster.  Truth provides the guardrail of protection for mankind from the harm and destruction of its counter.

     John Locke       “Logical Locke”

God in His infinite wisdom, foresight and love, clearly defined the meaning of Truth to man in His Word, The Bible.  To study The Bible’s  revelation as to Truth can and would take “to infinity and beyond”!   Case in point, the study of the evidence as to the understanding of the importance of Truth as defined by God in His Word by those men and women of American History, who we fondly refer to as the Founding Fathers. (And yes, there were women who were influential and instrumental in the formation of America, even though they may not have signed the Founding Documents.)  A sample of such evidence can be found from the writings of those individuals you see pictured on this page in regard to Truth.  What is common in these noted quotes, as you would find in a multitude of other writing by other Founders, is their understanding that, indeed, Truth’s source is from God, and the bases of that Truth lead them in the various choices and decisions they made and had to make.

Abraham Lincoln "Aboveboard Abe"

To access the words of wisdom as to Truth, click on the picture.  Try not to quickly read over their words; rather, take time to reflect upon what they were saying.  Sit back and let the words sink into your mind; write out all or a portion of their words.  Maybe, create a notebook where you note specific topics, like that of Truth, and add the quotes and writings from these great men and women of America’s past to your notebook.  If you do this, you will eventually have a book that will be a priceless treasure, and it will be one of a kind….your very own.